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New claim submitted for Solving a Rubiks Cube Blindfolded
New claim submitted for Egg and Spoon Race on Inline Skates - 100 m
New claim submitted for Most blood donated - Canine


(e.g football beer mat)
Listed below are the verified claims for the record listed.

Largest Cardboard Sculpture - Current world record
1. The largest cardboard sculpture measured 16.3 m [53 ft 6 in] long and 10.8 m [35 ft 6 in] wide and was made by Gurmej Singh (Mr. Caution, also known as Artist SinGh) (USA) at the Artist Singh Gallery, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA on 20 July 2014. The sculpture was of Indian Goddess Rati (Goddess of Love) which measured 3.96 m [13 ft] in height.


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