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Corn Husking - Current world record
1. A Corn Husking Contest is picking corn by hand for a determined length of time. Deductions are made for ears of corn left in the row of corn the contestant picks and for leaving to many husks on the ear of corn.
In 1940 at a National Contest held in Scott county Iowa, Irvin Bauman from Illinois net load was 3260.9 lb of corn picked during an eighty minute contest. He was picking 40.76 lb of corn per minute after his deductions were subtracted - a record that remained unbroken since.
The corn husking contests ended when World War II started and were revived again in 1970.
At the 2004 National held in Oakley Kansas, Rochelle Myers of Missouri set a female record with a net load of 467.1 lb in a twenty minute contest. She was picking 23.35 lb of corn per minute after the deductions were subtracted.

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