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Pull-Up, Weighted - Current world record
1. Steven Proto (USA) did a complete pullup with 93.5 kg [206.2 lb] extra weight on 9 July 2011 at his home gym in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA.

Previous verified claims
1. Steven Proto (USA) set three world records for weighted pull-ups within a few days. For this category, the bodyweight is added to the extra weight lifted during the pullup.
On April 23, 2011 at his home gym in Edmond, Steven (weighing 91.6 kg [202.0 lb]) did a complete pullup with 85.45 kg [188.4 lb] extra weight. setting a world record of 177 kg [390.4 lb]. A little later in the day he improved on that and at a weight of 91.8 kg [202.4 lb] he completed a pullup with 89.35 kg [197.0 lb] extra for a total of 181.15 kg [399.4 lb]. On 28 April, Steven performed a weighted pull-up with 182.3 kg [402 lbs] total weight.

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