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Largest LEGO Ship - Current world record
1. A 9.32 m long model of a container ship has been constructed by the professional LEGO builders Design im Stein (Germany) at IdeenExpo in Hannover, Germany in 2011.
An even larger model has been created by DFDS Seaways. However, this model contained a metal frame which does not qualify the ship as a pure LEGO model. DFDS Seaways celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016 by building a ship named Jubilee Seaways. It was 12.035 m long, 1.67 m wide and weighs just under three tonnes.

Previous verified claims
1. Four professional LEGO builders from Bright Bricks (UK) needed 250,000 LEGO pieces and almost four months to complete a 7.90 m [25 ft 11 in] long model of the "Queen Mary". The model weighs 274 kg [604 lb]. Its width is 94 cm [3 ft in in] and its height is 1.40 m [4 ft 7 in].

2. 3500 children used no less than 513,000 LEGO bricks to built a 7.66 m long container ship from 2-8 August 2010 at JadeWeserPort-Infocenter Wilhelmshaven (Germany).

3. Led by René Hoffmeister (Germany), visitors of the science museum phæno in Wolfsburg (Germany) built a 7.29 m long container ship from 400,000 LEGO bricks in October 2009.
4. It took Klass Meijaard and René Hoffmeister (Netherlands) 1,200 hours to build a 6.90 m long Queen Mary 2 replica. The ship weights 870 kg. Since 2008 it can be found at the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg (Germany).
5. A model of the Nimitz Class Carrier USS Harry S. Truman, measuring 4.52 m (length) x 1.37 m (width) x 1.22 m (height) was displayed at the Skaerbaek 2006 LEGO convention in Denmark. The model weighs over 160 kg. It was built in over one year by Malle Hawking from Munich (Germany) from more than 300,000 bricks.
6. The largest LEGO boat was a 3 m (10-ft) long 1.2 m (4-ft) wide replica of a sleek, navy-blue Chris-Craft speedster. It was built by Nathan Sawaya (USA) in January 2005 at the Seattle Boat Show.
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