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New claim submitted for Three-Legged Running, 24 Hours
New claim submitted for Pull-ups, 12 Hours, Male
New claim submitted for Pull-ups, 24 Hours, Male


(e.g football beer mat)
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Doughnut eating - Current world record
1. Twenty-stone miner, Patrick Cunnade of Wakefield, scoffed 20, 4-oz doughnuts in exactly 6 minutes on 13 October 1987.
2. Peter Dowdeswell ate 45 two-hole, 5.5-oz doughnuts in 17 minutes, 32 seconds in New York, USA on 12 August 1983.
3. On 05 March 2004, Ray Meduna (USA) ate 22 doughnuts (1 oz each) in 1 minute, 39 seconds at KISW radio in Seattle (USA). He followed the rules of the International Federation of Competitive Eating which allow the doughnuts to be dipped into water before eating.
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